Hi, I'm Melissa!

I’ve been working with craft breweries for the last 10 years.
From 2013 to 2018, I developed and implemented a full grass-roots marketing plan to increase the tasting room revenue of a midsize brewery in San Diego.
When we started, the average tasting room revenue was $30k per month. Over the next 3 years, with strategic incremental changes, we hit a record $156k revenue month. We did not have a food menu. At the time, beers were $6. The tasting room took in a million dollars that year.
My “salary was my budget” and this bootstrap mentality has stuck with me and helped create strategic ways to grow without spending excessively.
Over the years, I have created my own unique systems and automations that just didn’t exist elsewhere (or were prohibitively expensive for our small business). Now my mission is to share these tools and growth plans to other craft breweries around the country.

Recently, I was re-engaged to work with that same brewery after a year of poor pandemic recovery. Since I started, their average Year Over Year revenue increase has been 418%.

Average! One month’s increase was an absolutely ridiculous 2,638%. No month was under a 20% gain

My experience previous to craft beer was marketing in the motion graphic design space, doing work for bigger names like Disney/Pixar and MTV.

I’m a sucker for the underdog, though, and if you’re ready and willing to do the work and invest in your business, I’d be happy to help you breach your current plateau.